Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter - 16 Core - Government - License & Software Assurance - Open Value - 3 Year

Requires a .gov email
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Requires a .gov email


  • Brand Microsoft
  • Product Windows Server
  • Edition Datacenter
  • Version Volume
  • MFG# 9EA-00702
  • OS Windows
  • License Type Open Value
  • Organization Government
  • Term 3 Year
  • Cores 16
  • Minimum Storage 32GB
  • Minimum RAM 51MB
  • Minimum Processor 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor

About the product

Modern server management

The cutting-edge tool designed to support the infrastructure of businesses and organizations of all sizes. With its robust set of features, including enhanced security and performance, it offers a secure and reliable platform for running mission-critical applications and services. It also offers improved support for hybrid cloud environments, making it easier to integrate with other cloud services and extend the reach of your organization's infrastructure. Additionally, it includes powerful tools for managing and monitoring servers, as well as improved container support for modern application development.