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Windows Server provides a powerful platform for building a connected infrastructure of applications, networks, and web services and has been the cornerstone of Microsoft's ecosystem and remains a key player in powering today's hybrid cloud networks.

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To cater to different business needs, Microsoft offers different editions of Windows Server, each with its own set of features and capabilities and are designed to be flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

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Windows Server Essentials

Designed for small businesses needing an easy-to-use solution for managing file storage, backups, and remote access.



Windows Server Essentials can be set up quickly and easily, even by users with limited technical expertise. Its intuitive dashboard allows you to manage your server and network from a single location.

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Windows Server Standard

Powerful and versatile, Windows Server Standard provides high scalability, advanced storage capabilities, enhanced security, and integration with cloud services.

Enhanced management

Windows Server Standard includes a range of management tools, such as Active Directory and Remote Desktop Services, that can help administrators manage users, devices, and resources more efficiently. Upgrading to Windows Server Standard can provide a more streamlined and centralized approach to managing an organization's IT infrastructure.

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Windows Server Datacenter

Designed for organizations with large and complex IT infrastructures that need to run many virtualized workloads and manage their resources more efficiently


Centralized network

Windows Server Datacenter includes software-defined networking (SDN) features, which allow administrators to centrally manage and automate network infrastructure. This can help improve network performance and reduce administrative overhead.

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