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Microsoft Office is an essential toolkit for businesses looking to optimize their workflow, improve communication and collaboration, and enhance productivity across their teams.

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The apps you've trusted

Microsoft 365 includes a range of core applications you've trusted such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, along with solutions that can be adapted for any organization.

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Microsoft 365 Business

365 business is designed to provide a complete productivity and security solution for small and medium-sized businesses of up to 300 users.

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Boost your business intelligence

Microsoft 365 Business is a powerful suite of tools that helps businesses stay ahead of the competition. With applications like Access (*PC only), SharePoint, and Exchange, it extracts valuable insights from data, tracks performance indicators, and enables informed decision-making. Advanced security features, device management, and compliance capabilities protect data and ensure compliance.

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Microsoft 365 Enterprise

365 Enterprise is designed to meet the needs of large organizations, offering advanced security features, compliance capabilities, and administration tools.

The next-generation business solution

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a powerful suite of tools that enhances productivity, collaboration, and security for businesses. With applications like Power Apps and Power BI, it offers advanced security features, identity management, threat protection, and compliance, to ensure data is safe and regulatory requirements are met.

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Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft 365's standalone apps provide users with the flexibility to access specific tools, making it easy to customize their digital toolkit to meet their unique requirements.

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Microsoft Exchange Server

Exchange IconExchange Online

Powerful and versatile email and calendaring solution that can help businesses and organizations stay connected and productive, while also ensuring the security and privacy of their data. Exchange Online is included with a Microsoft 365 for Business or Enterprise subscription, but you may also buy standalone Exchange Online plans.

  • Checkmark IconCloud-based email and calendaring
  • Checkmark IconSharePoint document collaboration
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SharePoint IconSharePoint Online

SharePoint is a cloud-based service in Microsoft 365 that allows organizations to efficiently share, manage, and collaborate on content, resulting in enhanced teamwork and easy access to information. SharePoint Online is included with a Microsoft 365 for Business or Enterprise subscription, but you may also buy standalone plans.

  • Checkmark IconCentralized platform to store and access files
  • Checkmark IconVersion control for documents and files
  • Checkmark IconDynamic and productive team sites for every project
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Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Project

Project IconProject

Project is a powerful and flexible project management solution that can help businesses and organizations manage projects more efficiently and effectively. It provides a centralized location for project information and collaboration, while also ensuring the security and privacy of data.

  • Checkmark IconCloud-based project management solution
  • Checkmark IconBudget tracking and forecasting tools
  • Checkmark IconAdvanced analytics and data visualization capabilities
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Visio IconVisio

Visio is a powerful diagramming and visualization tool that allows users to create professional diagrams, flowcharts, and other visual representations of complex data and information.

  • Checkmark IconShare diagrams via email or cloud services
  • Checkmark IconData linking or updating diagrams with real-time data
  • Checkmark IconCustomizable formatting options
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Microsoft Visio

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