Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise - CSP - Charity

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  • Brand Microsoft
  • Product Exchange Server
  • Edition Enterprise
  • Version 2019
  • MFG# CSP-C-DG7GMGF0F4MF-0003
  • OS Windows
  • License Type CSP
  • Organization Charity
  • Term Perpetual

About the product

Empower your workforce

One of the most powerful email and calendaring platforms designed for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It provides advanced features for effective communication and collaboration, including email, calendar, and contact management. Exchange also offers robust security features to protect against spam, viruses, and other email-borne threats, ensuring the safety and security of your organization's data. With Microsoft Exchange, you can streamline your communication and collaboration workflows, making it easier to stay organized and productive, and focus on growing your business.