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Microsoft Project is a comprehensive project management tool, empowering users to plan, track, collaborate, and deliver successful projects - ready to help you achieve your goals.

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Microsoft Project serves as a powerful project management solution, empowering organizations to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and project outcomes. With its centralized hub for project management, it streamlines processes, helping lead to project success.

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Project Standard

Essential project management tools to effectively plan, track, and deliver projects with efficiency and success


Effective project management

Project Standard is a standalone project management software that offers a range of key features to help you plan, track, and manage your projects effectively. These include:

  • Checkmark IconCreate detailed project plans
  • Checkmark IconGantt chart view
  • Checkmark IconResource management
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Project Professional

Offering advanced project management capabilities, empowering professionals to effectively plan, execute, and achieve successful project outcomes.

Maximize efficiency

Project Professional is a feature-rich project management software that empowers you to plan, track, and collaborate effectively. With its advanced tools and seamless integration, it helps you stay organized, streamline teamwork, and gain valuable insights for project success. This includes:

  • Checkmark IconAdvanced scheduling
  • Checkmark IconEnhanced collaboration features
  • Checkmark IconAnalytical tools and reporting
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Microsoft 365

With Project in Microsoft 365, you can tap into core Project capabilities seamlessly integrated into your Microsoft 365 suite.


The ultimate in collaboration

Microsoft Project can be tightly integrated with Microsoft Teams, the popular collaboration platform. This integration allows project managers and team members to collaborate, communicate, and share project updates within the Teams environment. As well as:

  • Checkmark IconTemplates and customization
  • Checkmark IconCost tracking and budgeting
  • Checkmark IconMobile access

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